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Day 0 - September 2, 2007

United Nations

Security Council
Dist: General
2 September 2007

Resolution 1775 (2007)

Adopted by the Security Council at its 5746th meeting, on 2 September 2007

The Security Council,

Reaffirming its previous commitment to human rights and human dignity.

Aware of the public discovery of the global population of humans in possession of abnormal ribosomal RNA construction and genetic translation, herein called "R+ Populations."

Recognizing the importance and significance of this discovery for every nation, government, and individual in the world.

Noting the need to ensure smooth transitions for R+ Populations into general society and to meet the new needs and requirements of those populations in every region of the world.

Having examined previously clandestine research concerning R+ Populations and their potential both for presenting great challenges and great opportunities for the human race.

Further recognizing the actions of governments around the world to track down this research, as well as those previously aware of R+ Populations and those who belong to the R+ Populations.

Underlining the importance of avoiding civil or global conflict as a result of the discovery of R+ Populations, or using the new opportunities presented by these populations as a means of enabling this conflict.

Deciding that to allow for the acclimation of the global community to the R+ Population,
1. Recognizes the right of sovereign governments to allow for the registration of R+ persons so as to track specific needs and requirements.
2. Underlines the importance of maintaining standards of human rights and human dignity in the operation of any requirements or mandates on R+ populations.
3. Requests the Commission on Human Rights to monitor the situation concerning R+ Populations, and to commence monthly reports on the progress of R+ population transitions around the world and otherwise as appropriate.
4. Requests the General Assembly consider further action and investigation concerning R+ Populations.
5. Invites the Secretary-General to provide further information to the Council as appropriate.
6. Decides to remain seized of the matter as appropriate to ensure compliance with previously established international law and custom.

Oceanic Travel Agency
McLean, VA
PO Box 42692

To: All Agents
From: Management

Assignment R has been put into effect. Further instructions shall be provided on an individual basis as cases arise. Continued contact with clients will be for elimination purposes only, as per management directives. No further contact shall be permitted; any violation may result in management review. Assignment R is classified to designated agents. The OTA thanks you for your work and discretion.

Good luck,
The Management

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