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Wandering outside is about the last thing Elle wants to do right now. But as she can't find X for the moment, and the choice was rapidly becoming step outside or set something or someone on fire, she made her way through the back door and out into the fog.

Elle doesn't look at the forest, or at the building out by the lake. Mostly, she just looks at her feet – she's still in jeans and a black tank top, no shoes. Basically, she's freezing. But the bright arcs of electricity that crackle and flash from her skin, through the fog and up toward the sky, remind her that she'd rather be freezing than on fire.

If those are the only choices, anyway.
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What's with that weird building, anyway?

Appearing from nowhere.

Looming out of the fog.

The woods around it echoing with screams.

Come to think of it, that scream may sound familiar.
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The screams pause, plunging the forest back into eerie silence.

But apparently, all the pause meant was somebody needed to breathe: they begin again with a vengeance.


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The woods are cold and still, the chilling fog wending through the trees.

Behind them, that strange building looms craggy against the night sky. Not too close-- not inexplicably close or anything.

But it's there.

Ava's screams have gone wordless again, interspersed with dry, hacking coughs.
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Yeah, those sparks are great.

Like signal flares.

There's a rustling in the trees ahead, the specific kind of thrashing of something with two legs and two arms and no real understanding of how to move quietly.

It's coming closer.

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Ava bursts through the trees. Her face is pale, expression panicked, and she seems to be bleeding from a scratch across her cheek.

She stares, wild-eyed.

"... Elle?"
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Ava sees her lips move, but isn't entirely sure what she's saying.

Whatever. There's no time.

"Elle! By the lake, there's--"

She staggers another step closer, blinking and squinting against the light.

She's so pretty.


At this point, something cold and utterly silent jabs out in one quick, brutal blow, and catches Elle at the back of the head.
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In the dark, Ava's breathing sounds very loud to her.

She wipes a hysterical tear from her eye.

"You're lucky," she tells Elle after a moment.

"It's hard to get these guys to go without claws."

The thing standing over Elle seems to coalesce in the darkness, gain more substance. Ava surveys them both as best she can.

(Not that she needs light to perceive the demon.)

"Help me move her," she says to it.

"We'll be late."