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My future plans and potential internet access

So almost a year ago, I applied to serve in the U.S. Peace Corps. I didn't have really any idea at the time of how this application would turn out or if and where I would serve, as especially at the time when I applied, the process even if you are successful can take a really long time. I was sort of updated during the process, and had to do a few things like come in for an interview and gain teaching experience, but otherwise I didn't really have much idea of what was happening with it during that time.

But a couple weeks ago, I received an invitation to serve in Mongolia, which I accepted. My departure date is May 28, 2015.

There's still a lot I'm not really certain about in terms of what things will be like for me while I'm living in Mongolia. The length of my stay there will be twenty-seven months – two years of service with a three-month training period before that. I've read a lot from volunteers who have served there, or are currently doing so, and most volunteers either live in provincial centers (which tend to be the size of small cities), or smaller villages.

Basically, what this means is that I don't know what my internet access will look like for most of the next two years. For the first three months I'll live with a homestay family, so during June-August my internet will likely be sporadic at best. After that, it will probably depend on where I'm assigned. It sounds like many volunteers even in the smaller cities are able to buy modems and have fairly consistent internet access in their homes; others who live in more rural areas may only have access about once a month, depending on when they go into the cities.

So... yeah. As of right now, I'm preparing for the possibility of having very, very sporadic internet access for the next two years or so. It's actually possibly likely this won't be the case, but I'd rather prepare for the most extreme scenario.

In terms of RP, this means I'm going to cut down my character roster to:

Will Graham
Asami Sato
(maybe) Marceline

Everyone else is going to be deleted.

When it comes to those I'm keeping, these are basically my plans:


I pretty much want to burn through the rest of season 2 and have him post-canon by maybe mid-March. After that, I feel like it makes the most sense for me to hold onto him, but given how narratively close he is to other active characters in the game – basically, if it would be helpful to find a way to share him/god him/whatever, I'd definitely be up for negotiating something like that. Or not, if it doesn't make a lot of difference. Mostly I just want to be open about what would work best for everyone.

Asami and Katara

So yeah, A:TLA/LoK muns… I'm pretty much just going to start putting Asami through canon and see how far I get. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about Book 2, if I even get there, but I am going to start pushing her ahead.

I've played Katara so infrequently that I feel like I can pretty much do whatever when it comes to her, but Bing, I did want to make a similar offer as above in terms of lending/handing her over to you/assuming you can god her, if that's something you'd prefer in some way.

The others are infrequent enough that it shouldn't make much difference, or I'll otherwise talk to anyone this would affect. But I did want to go ahead and put this information out there pretty well in advance, given the nature and length of my possible absence. I'm sorry if this creates any issues for anyone, and thank you all for understanding <3

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I was just thinking today I should get in touch with you about the rest of s2, and what you're interested in playing vs. handwaving, canon/continuity divergences, etc. I can definitely make Beverly available for stuff in or out of the bar, and I'm happy to NPC various and sundry characters if needed, and so on and so forth.

Still super excited for you. Mongolia! homg.
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The stuff I've been planning to do OOM-wise wouldn't really create canon divergence issues because they're things Beverly wouldn't be around for, because they of course tend to be ... the most terrible things. But I'd also be up for doing stuff while I'm still here, if there are things you're interested in!