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It's evening outside, and already growing cool enough that someone venturing out onto the lawns might want to bring a sweater or jacket with them.

Elle has neither, but for once doesn't seem to care. She walks across the grass as aimlessly as she did back in Madripoor, with enough speed to suggest she really wants to break out into a run.

But she can't. She can't make herself do it. So she just walks toward the edge of the lake.
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Eventually, Elle had leaned back onto the bed, curled away from Ava, watching the IV drip. The sandwiches have been consumed and the packages discarded. X is sitting at the edge of her bed – Elle has been listening to her breathing, while she waited.

She's not entirely sure what she's waiting for.

But if it's for sleep, that doesn't seem to be coming any time soon.
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The room doesn't scare her. The words on the walls are incomprehensible, the stains and bedframes unrecognizable. After all, the wards Elle was kept in were immaculately clean.

Yet this time, when her skin starts sparking, she keeps her eyes closed.

Maybe there is something she's scared of. Or she just needs to think without distraction.

But if she's trying to feign unconsciousness, the sparks are enough to betray her.
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Wandering outside is about the last thing Elle wants to do right now. But as she can't find X for the moment, and the choice was rapidly becoming step outside or set something or someone on fire, she made her way through the back door and out into the fog.

Elle doesn't look at the forest, or at the building out by the lake. Mostly, she just looks at her feet – she's still in jeans and a black tank top, no shoes. Basically, she's freezing. But the bright arcs of electricity that crackle and flash from her skin, through the fog and up toward the sky, remind her that she'd rather be freezing than on fire.

If those are the only choices, anyway.
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When they had returned, Elle had forced her way through the first door she could, if only to, for a moment, get away from Bennet.

Instead, she'd ended up at the Bar. For the first time, she's not entirely sure she wants to be here.

So she'd retreated through the back door, out toward the grounds, making her way to the lawn near the lake. Though it had been the middle of the night in her world, it's very early morning here, sunlight just beginning to brighten the eastern sky. Elle really only pays attention to the extent that she can see well enough to find a spot reasonably apart from the water, where she sits down in the grass, her knees pulled up to her chest.

She's not sparking, but she is, very slightly, shaking.

The stuffed dog sits in the grass a few inches away from her. It had still been in her hand when she walked through the door.
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It's been more than an hour since the sunset, but Elle hasn't moved since she climbed onto one of the rocks near the lakeshore in the midafternoon.

Really. She has not moved. Other than blink, Elle hasn't moved her eyes, her hands, hasn't resettled on the rock's rough surface or follow the line of the tide. Curled up against the stone, she'd simply laid down, facing the water, too still to be even waiting for something.

Someone with a typical set of senses might not even notice her.
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Elle had cut her hair, to a few inches below her shoulders. She didn't want to keep it too short anymore - yet again finding herself in a concrete building full of glass, cement, and metal walls had been enough - but she still had to be responsible. The available water supplies were rather limited. This made things simpler and efficient. Still, now that she's here, in the cool Scottish evening rather than buried beneath the desert, the way it tends to slip into her face whenever there's a breeze is much more noticeable.

She'd meant to come out here to jog, but without any thought to it, she heads toward the forest instead. There is no visible activity near the edge of it, but Elle stops at one of the first trees, and leans back against it.

It had only taken a buzz of instinct to find what has turned out to be a perfect spot. Quiet, secluded, with a shield against the wind and a view of the grounds that stretched all the way back to the choppy surface of the lake.
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This time, Elle stopped running before she collapsed.

As she’d started about noon, it was now nearing dusk. The sky was a deep blue slipping further into black, and Elle had dropped to the ground, sitting cross-legged in the grass near the shoreline of the lake, watching the sunlight along it dissipate as the evening deepened.

Her breathing, which not so long ago had been harsh and ragged, had evened out by now, deep and slow, so that she barely seemed to move. She didn’t flinch or even glance away at the sounds of others on the grounds, or to any sudden ripples in the water. Though her eyes on the water, she seemed to follow nothing at all, her expression not closed, but empty.
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Dreamless sleep, or at least not remembering the dreams after, is one unknown benefit of losing too many memories.

It hadn't taken her that long to actually lie across the bed, rest the left side of her head into the pillow, and close her eyes. X being there had helped, but there was little more her body could do, and she could at least be moderately certain she wouldn't set the unmoved bed sheets on fire.

It's several hours, and maybe a couple of IV changes before Elle, having been entirely still her sleep, shifts slightly – she rolls onto her back, and then back to her left side.

After another moment, her eyes open.
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At some point, Elle had wandered outside to practice.

She's pretty much forgotten when that was. Maybe it was because there was little else to do that wouldn't mean leaving again, or more likely, because X had suggested it, but she'd lost track of the hours she'd spent either shooting up sparks toward the sky or the lake, or practicing movements X had taught her.

Until she fell down, and didn't get back up.

Elle totally meant to do that.

Lying in the grass isn't too bad, really. And she can practice sensing for any footsteps coming toward her.
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