ellectrical: (glow in the dark)
ellectrical ([personal profile] ellectrical) wrote2012-10-24 05:23 pm

(no subject)

Wandering outside is about the last thing Elle wants to do right now. But as she can't find X for the moment, and the choice was rapidly becoming step outside or set something or someone on fire, she made her way through the back door and out into the fog.

Elle doesn't look at the forest, or at the building out by the lake. Mostly, she just looks at her feet – she's still in jeans and a black tank top, no shoes. Basically, she's freezing. But the bright arcs of electricity that crackle and flash from her skin, through the fog and up toward the sky, remind her that she'd rather be freezing than on fire.

If those are the only choices, anyway.

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