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Elle Bishop was a normal girl. She drew pictures of unicorns on pink construction paper, had plastic dolls, went to school long enough to start learning to read and write. She had a Mommy and a Daddy, even if they were apart. And her Daddy had a secret that he passed on to her.

In March of 1989, when Elle was six years old, electric sparks began to crackle from her hands, leading to the fire that would destroy her grandmother's house. It was when her father revealed who they really were, that they weren't normal at all, and brought her to the Company, the only place that could help her.

For any given value of 'help.'

Eighteen years later, Elle couldn't remember that normal girl. Thanks to another's ability, she couldn't remember a lot of things, though she didn't realize it. She'd killed for the first time when she was eight, been declared a 'sociopath with paranoid delusions,' and only edged near sanity, though she was capable enough to work as a Company agent, mostly collecting people like herself for the Company, or whatever her father instructed her to do. She never got to go on a roller coaster, or go on a date, or even go swimming.

And then, there was the Bar.

And the job that changed everything.

And a few months later, her father died. For the first time in eighteen years, Elle had no Company.

Elle is currently from the beginning of season 3 of Heroes, but with considerable AU differences. A post explaining and tracking Elle's AU can be found here. A very detailed post concerning Elle's millicanon background, behavior, and ability can be found here

Elle's ability is to generate and manipulate electricity. This is typically seen as blue-white sparks and arcs she directs from her hands and fingers. Any part of her is capable of generating electricity, and she has been known to generate massive amounts when under extreme duress.

Update 2/24/13: As of this OOM, Elle also has certain abilities concerning magnetism, particularly an ability to sense and manipulate magnetic fields. Because it's very new, her control over it is limited, though she'll also be extremely careful - this basically means it will likely only come up as a matter of her sensing magnetic objects, and using it in very brief ways.

Elle is a short, petite young woman, barely reaching 5'3" when she stands very straight. She has light skin, gray eyes, long blonde hair, and a scar across the right side of her forehead, which is sometimes concealed by her bangs, though this won't be the case unless explicitly stated. Her clothing can vary, but tends to include a light blue blouse and heeled shoes; she is always wearing a thin gold chain around her neck that turns silver near the clasp, on which hangs a small metal charm that protects her from demonic possession (of the Supernatural kind), and is usually tucked under her neckline. She also has faint scars like a set of claw marks over her right shoulder blade, a small scar on her upper right arm, two short, parallel scars on the base of the back of her neck, and very faint, thin scars lengthwise across her palms, though these are usually not readily visible.
Elle is mentally unstable, and displays sociopathic and sadistic tendencies, as well as extreme paranoia. This means that she may be inclined to zap someone without warning, though I will always warn OOCly if this is going to come up. She also has little concept of personal space, and often invades that of others, usually in the form of tousling another's hair, playing with their hands or fingers, or running her hands over their chest or shoulders. As this is not violence, I won't ping in advance every time, but this should be kept in mind during her threads.
Elle Bishop is from the television series Heroes and is property of Tim Kring and NBC Universal. This journal is solely for the purpose of roleplaying at [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Also, the mun's journal is [personal profile] aberration.

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